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Brian Bolen is a Los Angeles based Music Producer, Singer-Songwriter, and Researcher; with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry.


   In 2009, Bolen experienced a series of UFO contact and Missing Time. Since then, he has devoted himself to the subject of UFO’s, Government Coverups, Mind Control, as well as Occult Symbolism and Social Engineering within the Music Industry. Bolen seeks to create a ‘Breakaway Music Industry’ for Independent Artists; one that is focused on freedom of creativity and inspiration without Occult Influence. To achieve this, he provides a safe space for artists to build their careers through his company Bolen Sound Productions, located in Culver City, CA; which provides artists with Recording Studio and Music Production services. 


  Since 2002 Bolen has been writing, recording, producing and performing with many bands and music artists in a wide range of styles; including his high school band A Cursive Memory, which signed to Vagrant Records shortly after graduation. The band was managed by Bunim/Murray Productions which led to television appearances in “The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, as well as writing and performing the “Road Rules Challenge” theme song on the E Channel in 2007. Moving on from his high school band in 2008, Bolen focused his time toward growing his skills in Recording and Producing his own Music, as well as attending Musicians Institute in 2012 for Music Business. Since that time, Bolen has worked with many up-and-coming artists, as well as award winning artists; with one of his artists receiving “Album of the Year 2017”, and “Single of the Year 2018” by the Academy of Western Artists. Bolen also got the rare opportunity to Master a cover song of “Green Tambourine” that his father Patrick Bolen recorded with Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons in 2016.


    Bolen is currently co-writing and producing new music artists, as well as performing in his Metal/Hard Rock band “Idol Worship”. Bolen hopes to convey the message through his music, that we live in a culture where the worship of Celebrities has become an unhealthy endless obsession - to the point where we regularly call them “Idols". This (unknowingly for most people) is “a form of Satanic Practice”, according to Bolen. He feels a strong need to encourage people to get to a point where we can start loving and accepting ourselves. Most importantly, he says. “We need to stop seeking outside validation from Celebrities, Trends, or other people, and to start seeking empowerment from within".


Bolen seeks to speak publicly through live events and radio interviews to continue to get this message out to the masses.

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