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Origins of

The Illuminati-Music-Industrial-Complex 

A book about the Occult Origins of the Music Industry, and next phase of control after the rise of the Military-Industrial-Complex.  A more effective, unseen mechanism for subconscious control and unwarranted influence...

Now Available for Lectures and Radio Appearances.


Soft Disclosure in TV/Films and Video Games

Join Brian Bolen for a talk on Soft Disclosure in the Entertainment Industry. Explore the occult meanings and connections to The Deep State and The Secret Space Program. See what has been hidden right in front of our eyes in films like Star Wars, The Avengers, Men In Black, X-Men, and Zombieland - as well as TV Shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Lucifer, and House of Cards. 


Video Games and their influence on Soft Disclosure will also be discussed - including well-known titles like the Call of Duty franchise, Halo, Indiana Jones, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and many more in the TV/Film and Video Game Industry.


Brian will be connecting dots on the origins of these stories and characters depicted, and how they relate to topics like: Luciferianism, Satanism, Black Magick, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Reptilian E.T.'s, Artificial Intelligence, Area 51, and Atlantis.

Now Available for Lectures and Radio Appearances.

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